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Ruth Clusen  

Hall of Fame Inductees

Wisconsin has historically pioneered new concepts and ideas. A number of progressive steps toward the conservation of natural resources have originated in Wisconsin, including: the first rural zoning law in the U.S., the first pilot soil conservation demonstration project in the U.S., the first general conservation curriculum started by Fred Schmeeckle, and the first bond issue for outdoor recreation.

These progressive ideas and programs have been accomplished through the continuing efforts of leaders in the conservation field. These individuals have exhibited wisdom, foresight and perseverance, and have gained support of the Wisconsin citizens.

The Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Foundation have been established to permanently recognize the people who have made contributions in resource management. The Hall of Fame shall encourage citizens to involve themselves in efforts to manage resources effectively and beneficially promote an interest in conservation among Wisconsin youth and to encourage continued education about conservation issues so they inspire leadership in future resource conservation efforts.

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William J. P. Aberg
George Archibald
George Becker
Nils Folke Becker
Herbert F. Behnke
C.D. "Buzz" Besadny
Jacob Beuscher
Nina Leopold Bradley
W. Noble Clark
Ruth Clusen
Mel Cohee
John Thomas Curtis
E. M. Dahlberg
Emily Earley
Robert S. Ellarson
David C. Engleson
David Clark Everest
Clifford Germain
Wallace Byron Grange
E. M. Griffith
Owen Gromme
The Hamerstroms
Martin Hanson
Richard A. Hemp
Joseph Hickey
Ruth Hine
William Horvath
Richard A. Hunt
Robert L. Hunt
Paul Husting
Laurence Jahn
Harold "Bud" Jordahl
Warren Knowles
Ronald Koshoshek
Walter Kuhlmann
Wilhelmine A. La Budde
David Ladd
Increase A. Lapham
Aldo Leopold
Henry Liebzeit
Ingebord "Ingie" Lothe
Russell G. Lynch

Wakelin "Ranger Mac" McNeel
Gordon MacQuarrie
Harley MacKenzie
Robert A. McCabe
Stanton W. Mead
Virgil J. Muench
John Muir
Gaylord Nelson
Leo Nichasch
Haskell Noyes
Paul J. Olson
Sigurd Olson
Lorrie Otto
William Peterburs
Russell W. Peterson
Pearl Pohl
Louis "Curley" Radke
Guido Rahr, Sr.
Jay Reed
Henry Reuss
Eugene Roark
Phil H. Sander
Fred Schmeeckle
Carl Shurz
Walter Scott
Forest W. Stearns
Charles H. Stoddard
A. D. Sutherland
Ernest Swift
Melvin "Mully" Taylor
Daniel O. Trainer
Fred B. Trenk
Jacque and Dorothy Vallier
Charles Van Hise
Cedric A. Vig
Hilary J. "Sparky" Waukau
George Wehrwein
Sergius A. Wilde
Frederick Wilson
Les Woerpel
Raymond T. Zillmer
James Hall Zimmerman

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