Past WCHF Treasurer Peter Muto has Died

It is with sad heart we post the news that Peter Muto has passed away. We were fortunate to have had Peter as a member of the WCHF Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee for many years, most recently serving as WCHF Treasurer. As WCHF President Joe Passineau noted “Peter was always enthusiastic and actively promoting the WCHF.”…

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WCHF Receives C.D. Besadny Conservation Grant

This past year, WCHF received a C.D. Besadny Conservation grant for $1,000 through the Natural Resources Foundation (NWF) of Wisconsin for the purpose of expanding the WCHF website. The actual award was delivered in person to the WCHF Board at their annual meeting at the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center on November 4, 2018 by NWF Board member Bill Lunney.

For over thirty years NWF has worked to preserve our state’s most vulnerable public resources – our land, our water, our endangered species as well as providing conservation education to thousands.

In making the presentation, Bill said “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction” as well as physical and mental health. So we are all in this together.”

He concluded …

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Milly Zantow in the Sauk County News

We were pleased to have the Sauk County Conservation Chronicle September 2017 newsletter reprint the WCHF monograph on Milly Zantow. Milly’s married life brought her to North Freedom and Sauk County where she was inspired to launch the recycling revolution in Wisconsin and the nation.

“Milly lived a life of service and giving back. She was a pioneer in plastics recycling, and a fervent disciple of municipal waste recycling.” (Sauk County Conservation Chronicle)

Milly was inducted into the Wisconsin Hall of Fame spring 2017.…

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Earl Spangenberg Passes

We are saddened to report that WCHF Executive Secretary Earl Spangenberg died Tuesday, September 18, 2017.  The funeral will be at 3:00 pm on Friday, September 23, 2017 at 900 Brilowski Road at the Episcopal Church of the Intercession and the Redeemer Lutheran Church. The church is located behind Fleet Farm in Stevens Point.  The visitation will start at 1:00 pm.

In announcing Earls’ passing, WCHF President Joe Passineau wrote:

“The Hall of Fame was one of his great passions. He contributed so much over the past 35 years as a Member of the Board and the Executive Committee, and through his leadership as President and recently as Executive Secretary. We will miss him. I enjoyed working with him over these many years.

I last …

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