Seventeen Steps to Development of WCHF Induction Ceremony

The following steps are necessary to prepare for a successful annual WCHF Induction Ceremony:

  1. Select Date and Reserve Venue and Luncheon Site (Sentry)
  2. Select Inductees (via Board of Governors and Board of Directors review)
  3. Notify Inductees/Family and Nominator
  4. Write and Distribute Press Releases
  5. Create EventBrite On-line Registration Site
  6. Prepare and mail Paper Invitations
  7. Publicize in WCHF Newsletter (with Inductee Biographies)
  8. Develop and Engrave Walnut Plaques for Inductees (and paper replicas as gifts).
  9. Request Legislative Citations from Wisconsin State Representatives/Senators
  10. Select  and Invite Speakers
  11. Create and Print Program
  12. Arrange for and Set-up for Induction Ceremony at Sentry Theater
  13. Finalize Reservation for Luncheon at Sentry World (or Muse)
  14. Obtain Video and Photographs of Ceremony and post on You-Tube
  15. Host Induction Ceremony (Registration, Plaques, Speaker and Guest Nametags, etc.)
  16. Write and Distribute Follow-up News Releases
  17. Send Notes of Appreciation  to Everyone (speakers, helpers, Sentry, etc.)
Inductee Ron Koshoshek speaking to the 2015 Induction Ceremony attendees. Photo by Joe Passineau