James Hall Zimmerman

Inducted 2003

“Wilderness is defined as a place where man is only a visitor. However, it is more than that; it is a place where man can renew his ancient bonds with nature, seek his place in the scheme of things, and find inner peace.” – Zimmerman

To legions of friends and admirers across the state of Wisconsin. James Hall Zimmerman was a brilliant naturalist and environmental activist whose communication skills enabled him to reach broad audiences.

Born in Chicago, Jim Zimmerman spent much of his life bringing nature alive in Wisconsin. He was cut from the old cloth when it came to research: He went to the field, and often. His wife, Libby, often accompanied him as a colleague and research partner.

He took people of all walks of life on field trips and reached an even broader audience in a wide range of publications, ranging from scientific surveys to newspaper columns.

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