During our 2015 Annual Board Meeting, we developed a 3-year plan. We are pleased to say we have made much progress on accomplishing these goals.

Full List of Activities in 3-Year Plan of Work

Initiate Strategic Planning and/or Quick Assessment Effort

  • Review of Mission/Purpose
  • Conduct SWOT Assessment (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Analysis of Issues and Challenges
  • Develop Plan of Action (with Goals, Objectives, Tasks, Timelines)

Promote Affiliate Memberships and Develop Plan to create a “Friends of WCHF Group”

Strengthen Biographical Information and Files for those Nominated for Induction

  • Request Exec. Committee member assistance
  • Use of Selection Criteria and Nomination Review Forms

 Expansion of Organizational Membership

  • Create List and Make Recommendations to BOD at Annual Meeting
  • Send Invitation Packet and Coordinate follow-up activities

Membership Services
What can WCHF do to increase membership services to member organizations and to affiliate members?

Prepare for Annual WCHF Induction Ceremony
Recruit volunteers to help with the seventeen step process that leads to the induction (from Exec. Committee and BOD).

Create Induction Ceremony Planning/Operational Guide with Timelines
Includes seventeen step process mentioned above.

Develop a Paid Position for a WCHF Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary

  • To assist with operation and management of the WCHF.
  • Perhaps in cooperation with Schmeeckle Reserve and/or the College of Natural Resources.

Create Fundraising Plan and Activities

  • Memberships
  • Grants
  • Donations
  • Endowments

Outreach Efforts

  • WCHF Newsletter (need assistance)
  • WCHF Website and Electronic Media (needed changes and ongoing renovation).
  • News Releases and Media Contacts
  • Magazine/ Journal Articles

Educational Programs

  • Identify and Pursue Educational Opportunities
    • Cooperation with Schmeeckle Reserve on Programs and Special Events.
    • Collaborations with other organizations on events/activities.

Promoting Diversity in the WCHF (added 11-7-15)

  • Identify and implement strategies to promote Diversity (gender, ethnic, etc.) in:
    • WCHF Leadership (BOD, BOG, Exec. Com.)
    • Nomination and Selection of Inductees
  • Create Task Force (11-7-15)
  • Develop and Adopt Guidelines and Strategies (with BOG Approval)