A Tribute to Bill Schorger

The UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences recently published a tribute to Arlie (Bill) Schorger — chemist, inventor, businessman and wildlife conservationist — who will become one of the newest inductees into the WCHF on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Published in 1955 by the University of Oklahoma Press, Bill’s book The Passenger Pigeon: Its Natural History and Extinction is a study of the extinction of the passenger pigeon. The last passenger pigeon, once the most abundant bird in North America, died in 1914 at the Cincinnati Zoological Garden.

Smith Bennet/The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (via Wikimedia Commons)

Wisconsin And The Extinction Of The Passenger Pigeon by WisCONTEXT includes a WPT University Place video featuring Aldo Leopold Fellow Stan Temple.

Empty Nests presented by OnWisconsin

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