Lorrie Otto and the fight to ban DDT — in her own words


Lorrie Otto with native wildflowers in hand. Looks like some Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum). Lorrie was a 1999 inductee into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame. Photo by Ney Tate Fraser

BirdWatchingDaily magazine carried a marvelous article on Lorrie Otto this month, authored by friend Ney Tate Fraser. It featured the story of Lorrie’s and others’ fight to ban DDT in Lorrie’s own words. It’s a great read! If you’ve ever had the privilege to meet Lorrie, you know what I mean. Her infectious smile, her positive attitude, her determination — it’s all here in this article. Enjoy!

In her own words: Lorrie Otto and the fight to ban DDT

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About Ney Tait Fraser

Photographer and long time Wild Ones member Ney Tait Fraser authored and self-published a book titled Mending the Earth in Milwaukee. The book features stories about gardeners — all Wild Ones members — who replaced monocultures of lawn with biodiverse communities of native plants to sustain birds and other wildlife. The article published by BirdWatchingDaily features an excerpt from the chapter “Who Killed Cock Robin?”

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