George H Gard Jr Passes

George H Gard Jr drew all the WCHF Gallery plaque art until he retired. He would create pen-and-ink drawing of the inductee from a photo on a piece of paper. Then WCHF Executive Secretary Bill Horvath would take it to Point Trophy to burn the image onto the plaque using a laser.

George H Gard Jr, the artist who drew the portraits for the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame plaques for many years on October 4, 2016. He had a rich and interesting life, including a long stint with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

WCHF Governor Bill Berry wrote: “George was a quiet and unassuming man with many talents. His home’s walls were covered with his artwork.” Read his obituary here.

New Book About Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press has announced the publication of a new book entitled Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom: Wildlife Conservation Pioneers.

“Learn how the husband and wife team of Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom worked to save the greater prairie chicken from extinction in this installment of the Badger Biographies series. The Hamerstroms dedicated their lives to understanding and preserving wildlife. As students of the famous Wisconsin naturalist Aldo Leopold, they helped establish new ways for humans to think about habitat conservation. Together, Fran and Frederick spent over thirty years mentoring many future scientists and working to save the greater prairie chicken, and other animals, from extinction.”

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