New link added to WCHF website – Hugh Iltis

“…Iltis planted and tended obscure species” such as the smoky pink queen of the prairie world which he had salvaged “….before their home was scraped clean by a bulldozer.” (UW-News)

See the newest link added to WCHF Inductee Hugh Iltis’ webpage. From UW-Madison News Hugh Iltis, UW’s ‘battling botanist,’ dies at 91.

“All these issues converged in the mountains of Western Mexico 30 years ago in a story that was initiated in large part because Iltis had annoyed a botanist at the University of Guadalajara. It’s a story Iltis never tired of telling, and it reflects his infectious enthusiasm for the natural world, the key roles of chance and perseverance, and a deep knowledge of plant biology and relationships.”

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