WCHF Receives Grant from We Energies

We Energies Foundation has granted WCHF $1000 toward the development of a new computer exhibit in the Hall of Fame.

WCHF Treasurer Steve Levine has received a check in the amount of $1000 from We Energies Foundation as a grant to be used in support of the development of  a touchscreen computer exhibit in the Hall of Fame at the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center. We are hoping to develop this in time for 2019’s Induction ceremony visitors to use.

Stay tuned for progress reports as we are able to obtain additional funding.


The touchscreen computer will provide visitors the opportunity to learn more about each inductee in the Hall of Fame, along with the WCHF organization itself.

The most effective interpretation provides layers of information from which visitors can choose based on their interests. A touchscreen computer is an ideal tool for providing this information in a compact and interactive way. Visitors will scroll through a list of inductee names, and then select an inductee about which they would like to discover more. This will reveal a webpage that includes a summary of the inductee, a link to the more comprehensive biography sheet, and a photo (or photos) which helps to personalize the experience.

The kiosk unit will be connected to the Internet, providing a direct connection to the web-based content, which makes it easy to update information from anywhere.


Thank you We Energies Foundation. As a grassroots organization accomplishing its mission with limited financial resources, a program such as this is not something we could afford with our limited budget.

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