Warren P. Knowles

Inducted 1994

“While I recognize the need for global support for the environment, I have always thought that the slogan ‘Think Globally, Act Locally,’ is an important plan of action for everyone.” – Warren Knowles


Warren P Knowles Knowles was born in River Falls, Wisconsin and graduated from River Falls High School in 1926. He then graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota in 1930 and received a law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School three years later. He was elected as the 37th Governor of Wisconsin (January 4, 1065 – January 4, 1971).

Knowles spent his entire life, as governor and in other capacities, supporting conservation. He helped initiate the Outdoor Action Plan and designated money to finance the purchase of land for parks, playgrounds, and green belts. Knowles signed legislation for a $200 million bond issue for cities to develop water treatment programs to reduce pollution to rivers and streams. He served on the Natural Resources Study Commission and was active on the Nature Conservancy Board. Knowles was the 1992 UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources environmentalist of the year.

For more information read his Hall of Fame monograph.