WCHF receives First Thrivent Choice Program Donation

Reference my earlier post WCHF enrolled in Thrivent Choice Program. We recently received our first donation through the Thrivent Choice Program!

Jerry Knuth, WCHF Secretary, wrote:

“Following up on your recent announcement about WCHF now being eligible for Thrivent Choice Dollars, I gave the folks at Thrivent a call to make sure the Hall of Fame is now listed.  It is, so I have directed Choice Dollars to be wired to the WCHF Bank Account. I’m told that the wire transfer should go out at the end of next week and will show up on the next Bank Statement. It’s a start toward our 100th WCHF Inductee Fundraiser.

Your announcement, Donna, was a good explanation. If eligible Thrivent Customers are interested in directing Choice Dollars to the WCHF, they can make a quick call using 800-847-4836.  They will ask for the normal background info and advise how many dollars are available in your Choice account. The whole transaction took less than 3 minutes.

Hope the word gets out.”

Thanks a lot, Jerry. We have already received your donation and have moved it to the 100th Inductee Fundraiser temporary restricted account.

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