WCHF People in the News

A recent article in the Shepherd Express featured several people associated with Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame (WCHF).  Entitled “Lessons from the Historic Banning of DDT,” Virginia Small covered everything from the historical to the current lessons learned through the process of banning DDT and mentions:

Lorrie Otto standing before her native landscaped yard. Photo by Ney Tait Fraser

Lorrie Otto – inducted into Hall of Fame 1999.

Joseph Hickey — inducted into Hall of Fame

Gaylord Nelson — inducted into Hall of Fame

Frederick L Ott — nominated to the Hall of Fame

Bill Berry — member of WCHF Board of Governors

She closed the article with several quotes from Whitney Gould, who covered the DDT hearings for the Capital Times.  “Environmental protection works….” “…Triumph of Science.” “…Citizen activism pays off.”

With “…the rise of the #MeToo Movement, blogging and social media has made it easier to mobilize concerned citizens around fraught issues. When people despair about the state of the environment, they can think back to what happened with DDT.” (Shepherd Express)


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