Russell G Lynch

Inducted 2000

Russell G. LynchA longtime Milwaukee Journal reporter and editor, Russell Lynch is believed to have been the nation’s first full-time natural resources reporter. He turned out hundreds of stories on an expansive array of topics. He focused on resource issues in Wisconsin and the U.S., and his stories sometimes brought major change and often drew national attention.

As sports editor at the Journal, he assembled an outdoors writing staff that included Gordon MacQuarrie, a 1998 Hall of Fame inductees.

Lynch became a full-time natural resources reporter in 1956. He covered natural resources until 1964, when he retired.

His reports, “Ditches, Dust and Ducks” and “Our Growing Water Problems,” attracted national attention and action and sometimes major conservation policy changes.

After leaving newspaper work, Lynch would go on to become the first chairman of the reorganized Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, appointed by Gov. Warren Knowles in 1967. Serving until 1970, Lynch earned honors and accolades while speaking forcefully and fearlessly on resources issues.

Lynch’s work in sports drew its share of attention, too. He was credited with playing an important role in bringing about the move of the National League Boston Braves to Milwaukee in 1953.

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